Pastor Lori was appointed to Moore’s Chapel on July 1, 2017. Prior to entering the ministry, Lori worked for many years using her Management Information Systems background in various non-profit organizations in Delaware. She also had a love of numbers, which led her to specialize in data conversion. This turned out to be one of her passions before leaving corporate America in 2003 to pursue a part-time home business opportunity that would allow her to spend more time with her family.

Lori was unchurched for the majority of her life. She began attending church regularly for the first time in 2004, as the result of a very emphatic invitation from her stepmother. Within six weeks of attending, she gave her life to the Lord in the quiet of her home one day while reading The Purpose Driven Life, written by Rick Warren. Her heart was forever changed that day. Her passion today is to see lives changed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

In 2006 she received her call to ministry while attending the Walk To Emmaus. Lori has been in pastoral ministry since 2008. Since that time, she has served as the Pastor of Adult Spiritual Formation in Middletown, DE. She was ordained in 2015 and has a BS/BA from the University of Delaware, an MDiv. from Palmer Theological Seminary, and is currently working on her Doctor of Ministry at United Theological Seminary.

Pastor Lori and her husband Dave live in Newark, Delaware. She has two grown children who live in Bear, Delaware.

Pastor Lori’s sermons can be found on Moore’s Chapel’s YouTube site.

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Peter Sarac became the Next Generation Youth Director at Moore’s Chapel on May 1st, 2020. Growing up in a church near Elkton MD, Peter quickly recognized the need for a Holy Spirit led ministry in his area, due to how difficult it was for him to learn about God as a youth student. Peter loved God, but also had many learning struggles, including Tourette Syndrome, which made his childhood difficult. Through the difficulty of his childhood, a relationship with God was what got Peter through his struggles. After many years of struggling to learn the Bible, Peter found that all of the biblical characters he grew up reading about faced a lot of the real struggles human beings face today. Before this revelation, the Bible seemed like distant 2,000 year-old fables to Peter; but now he found that these stories were in fact real occurrences that God used to build the greatest story in history. Peter’s goal in life is to see people of all ages recognize the relatability of the biblical story and give their lives to the mission of Jesus as a result. Peter believes that as you see the Bible as a real story, your life story will start to have meaning and purpose. “A purpose in Jesus is what children need most,” says Peter. Peter believes that the Gospel message is for everybody of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life, and gives us the purpose of giving to others what we have been given.

Peter was first given the opportunity to speak to youth at 10 years old. From thenceforth, he spoke to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds throughout Middle and High School. Regardless of his learning struggles, Peter went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies while traveling the East Coast, ministering with the Ground Zero Master’s Commission. Currently Peter is slowly earning credits towards a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies at Knox Theological Seminary.

In his free time, Peter gives hope to youth through short inspirational videos of social media. He also reads, writes, and cooks really good food. Ultimately Peter believes that the mission of Moore’s Chapel will come to fruition, that we will all see thousands saved, healed, and set free to be the people God called them to be. Your youth or child can be one of them!

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Dave Rosenblatt is on-staff as Moore’s Chapel’s volunteer Digital Communications Director (this is a fancy way of saying he handles all the website and video stuff). Dave evaluates video and computer technology and assists our other ministry leaders in ensuring we’re using our technology to its fullest potential to glorify God. He grew up using technology all through his teenage years, and enjoys helping others use it to solve their needs and make their lives easier. He grew up “along with PCs” as he says, and his full-time job is actually assisting a Delaware Valley financial services company as an IT Manager.

When COVID-19 hit, Moore’s Chapel quickly realized we had an urgent need to transition to full-fledged online sermons. We worked with the Praise Team and Pastor Lori and Dave to figure out exactly what needed to be on YouTube to reach not only our own congregation, but to accomplish our mission of reaching the surrounding communities, Cecil County and beyond for Jesus Christ.

Dave grew up unchurched, in a Jewish home, and he and Lori attended their first church due to the urgings of Lori’s stepmother. He came to believe in Jesus as his Lord and Savior about 6 months after Lori did, in the fall of 2004. He began to aggressively pursue his call to be a Deacon in the Methodist Church around 2017, when he and Lori first came to Moore’s Chapel. He is presently actively pursuing an MACM (Master’s of Arts in Christian Ministry) at United Theological Seminary.

Dave is an avid runner (and a sometimes cyclist), and lives with his wife (Pastor) Lori in Newark, Delaware.

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