Can you always feel Jesus walking with you?  Do you feel Jesus’ presence every moment in life?   If so, you are a blessed one!  If not, “Walk to Emmaus” is the best way to feel and experience your Lord Jesus walking with you.

“Walk to Emmaus” is a three-day retreat program which includes 15 talks by the laity and pastors on the themes of God’s grace, Christian discipleship, and what it means to be the church.  For seventy-two hours, participants experienced by the power of the Holy Spirit with prayer, singing, meditation, fellowship activities, special times of worship and daily celebration of Holy Communion.  This powerful program moves you to new levels of openness and commitment as Disciples of Christ.  You will gain fresh understanding of the meaning of grace.  You will feel the presence of Jesus who always walks with you.  You will re-experience the love of God for you and you will have a strong desire to pass this love on to others.

Moore’s Chapel has supported and has attended this program.  According to the ratio, even though we are not a big church, we are one of the most active congregations in this program in our community and conference.  “Emmaus Alumni Community” at Moore’s Chapel is contributing to church growth in quality and quantity.   Every year we have sent new candidates for men’s walk, women’s walk, and Chrysalis (youth walk) and more than 45 Moore’s Chapel members have already attended this retreat, and it will continue.  If you want to get away on a weekend to experience God’s unfailing love, ask Tom McDade 410-287-7293.